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本文摘要:Astronomers have found patches of frost scattered around the moon’s north and south poles which could one day provide a source of water for human visitors.科学家寻找,一片片寒霜区零星产自在月球的北极和南极附近。未来,他们能够为人们观看者获得水资源。


Astronomers have found patches of frost scattered around the moon’s north and south poles which could one day provide a source of water for human visitors.科学家寻找,一片片寒霜区零星产自在月球的北极和南极附近。未来,他们能够为人们观看者获得水资源。The scientists spotted the telltale signature of frozen water in infrared measurements taken by Nasa’s moon mineralogy mapper, an instrument that flew on India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission to the moon a decade ago.专家在美国航天局的月球矿物质绘图仪得到 的红外线精确测量結果中找到这种冷冻水的印痕。

这一月球矿物质绘图仪于十年前乘座印尼的“月船1号”探测仪飞到月球。The freshly-analysed data show that water ice lurks on the ground in a number of spots near the moon’s polar regions that are permanently in shade and so sheltered from the heat of the sun’s rays.对相关数据信息的最近分析表明,月球两极地区周边的大部分土层产自着水冰。月球的两极地区长时间正处在忧郁中,长年不知道太阳。Most of the ice was found near the moon’s south pole around a cluster of craters named after scientists and explorers, including Haworth, Shoemaker, Sverdrup and Shackleton. In the north, the patches of ice appeared to be more isolated, according to Shuai Li at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology in Honolulu.绝大多数的冰是在月球南极洲周边一系列环形山的附近寻找的。


Follow-up measurements of the ice patches found that they tended to form where the surface temperature never crept above -163C, but temperature alone was not enough to guarantee frozen water: only 3.5% of the shadowy areas the scientists checked for water revealed notable signs of ice.对这种寒霜区的此前精确测量寻找,在表层平均气温从不高达零下163℃的地区最有可能组成冰。但溫度自身足够保证经常会出现冷冻的水:生物学家观察水资源历经的忧郁地域中仅有3.5%的地区说明出有明显的水冰征兆。The images are the first “direct and definitive evidence” of water ice that is exposed on the surface of the moon, according to a report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “These ice deposits might be utilised as an in-situ resource in future exploration of the moon,” the authors write.英国《国家科学院学报》刊物公布发布的一篇汇报讲到,这种照片是月球表面不存在水冰的第一个“必需和实际直接证据”。

创作者们提到:“在未来的载人航天主题活动中,这种冰或许能做为一种本地資源多方面运用。”The Indian Space Agency launched its Chandrayaan-1 mission to the moon in 2008 and was swiftly rewarded with evidence of frozen water on the lunar surface a year later. Rather than sheets of ice on the surface, the water is thought to exist as water molecules bound to grains of moon dust.印尼航天部门2008年起飞了“月船1号”搜月器。一年后,该搜月器就找寻了月球表面不存在冷冻水的直接证据。

大家强调,月球上的水以水分的方式不存在,他们同月球尘土结合在一起,而不是以月球表面的冰面方式不存在。Soon after the Indian feat, Nasa crashed a spacecraft into the 100km-wide Cabeus crater which is in permanent shade on the moon’s south pole. The intentional act of lunar violence threw up a plume of debris from which scientists were able to confirm the presence of water on the moon.印尼的此项寻找以后直接,美国航天局将一个航天飞机撞倒向位于月球南极洲永久性黑影区、直徑100公里的卡贝乌斯环形山。此次无意为之的撞击落下来了很多碎渣,专家从而才可以确认月球进水的不存在。